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Commuter Routes
I-93 Manchester to Boston
Spaulding Turnpike Rochester to Portsmouth
I-89 Traffic Cams
Between Exits 12 & 13

Exit 9

I-93 Traffic Cams:
Canterbury Rest Area
Exit 12 in Concord
I-89 Junction in Bow
Londonderry Exit 5
Windham Exit 3
Salem Exit 2
Manchester to Boston
I-95 Traffic Cams:
High-Level Bridge
Portsmouth Exit 7
Portsmouth Exit 6
Portsmouth Exit 4
Portsmouth Exit 3
Greenland NH
Hampton NH
I-293 Traffic Cams:
Manchester Exit 1
FE Everett Turnpike
Nashua Exit 8
Spaulding Trnpk Cams
Rochester NH
Dover NH
Newington NH
Portsmouth NH
Rochester to Portsmouth
Rt. 1 Traffic Cams
Rt. 1 on Memorial Bridge


Rt. 3 Traffic Cams
Lancaster NH
Rt. 4 Traffic Cams
Durham NH
Rt. 9 Traffic Cams
Keene NH
Rt. 13 Traffic Cams
Brookline NH
Rt. 28 Traffic Cams
Derry NH
Rt. 101 Traffic Cams:
Manchester Exit 1
Epping Exit 6
Stratham Exit 11
Rt. 102 Traffic Cams
Derry NH
Rt. 106 Traffic Cams
All Rt. 106 Cams
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I-93 in Boston
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Rt. 111 in Windham
Rt. 4 in Chichester
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NH Traffic Cams.com: News

Emergency Notices

December 10, 2016

NHTrafficCams.com Begins Adding New Live Traffic Cams


NHTrafficCams.com will be adding many new traffic cams to this site for New Hampshire and has also created traffic cam websites for two neighboring states. We now offer traffic cams in Vermont and traffic cams in Maine. We will be populating these sites very soon!



October 21, 2014

NHTrafficCams.com Discontinues Traffic Alerts


After many years of manually listening to scanners and sending eAlerts to our users we had to make the tough decision to discontinue our traffic alert services. While this was a hard change to make it was crucial to do so in order to keep moving forward. We continue to provide live camera images to our users.


Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us to show their appreciate for the alert service.



January 10, 2014

NHTrafficCams.com Beats Previous Record Number of Alerts


NHTrafficCams.com sent 35 traffic eAlerts in just a matter of 3 hours on Friday morning due to very poor road conditions in New Hampshire and Nothern Massachusetts. Our previous record was on January 25, 2011. Again our record number of alerts sent were for the same reason as the record in January 2011. Light slow and extremely cold temperatures caused several acidents, spin outs and rollovers which caused a traffic nightmare for the morning commute



January 25, 2011

NHTrafficCams.com Sends Record Number of Alerts


NHTrafficCams.com sent 31 traffic eAlerts in just a matter of 3 hours on Tuesday morning due to very poor road conditions in New Hampshire. This was the first time in 3 years we have been providing the service that this many eAlerts were sent out in such a short time.


All of the 30 eAlerts in the first 3 hours of the day were due to accidents from the poor road conditions in New Hampshire. The road conditions were due to light snow that fell combined with the extremely cold temperatures. The cold temperatures made rock salt ineffective and allowed ice to build up on road surfaces during the morning commute despite the efforts of the NH DOT and town road maintenance departments. Many drivers said they hit patches of glare ice and lost control of their car.



July 2, 2010

NHTrafficCams.com Featured on

Beat The Traffic and WMUR

Beat The Traffic has begun using NHTrafficCams.com's website for the live NH traffic cameras. Beat The Traffic recently contracted with Hearst Broadcasting Corporation which owns WMUR to supply live traffic conditions on WMUR's website.

As part of WMUR's new traffic service, the traffic cameras on the NHTrafficCams.com website are now being displayed full time on the WMUR website.


January 2, 2008


NH Business Owner Sets His Sites on Live Traffic Cams


How many times have you left work on a Friday night, started driving down the road and suddenly find yourself stuck in a traffic back-up? Well, you are not alone. Your frustrations are shared by thousands of commuters here in the Granite State. One of them is NH business owner Matt Goodwin, owner of Modern Concepts, a website design company in Pittsfield NH. He has recently made it his mission to do something about the lack of accurate traffic information and has begun installing live traffic cameras around the state. When asked what his motivation was for starting the website, Mr. Goodwin stated “Every time I got into my car and turned on the radio looking for a traffic report, I either didn’t get it until I was almost at my destination or I got an old traffic report from someone who called into a radio station.” Mr. Goodwin also stated “GPS navigation systems are great for directions, but when it comes to traffic conditions, nothing is faster than an actual live camera shot.” While the website is new and the camera shots are limited, Goodwin states he has just recently begun actively searching for NH businesses and residents who have a computer and a window facing a potentially busy section of road to sponsor a webcam. In return, his website will display free advertising for the business, or a NH resident can also sponsor a traffic cam at their home and can donate the advertising space to a charity or even another business. If you would like to sponsor a traffic cam, please see www.NHTrafficCams.com for more information.


(Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper - January 2, 2008)



Looking for Boston & NH traffic reports? NH Traffic Cams.com is excited to offer free Traffic eAlerts for all of NH and North of Boston! TV and radio traffic reports are a thing of the past! Why wait for a radio or TV news station to give you a traffic report when you can get an instant eAlert sent to you for the areas you choose when there is a problem.












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